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Corey [userpic]
My First Shop at Sephora
by Corey (coreyann)
at March 2nd, 2007 (05:20 pm)

Living in Ohio - rural-ish Ohio - there is no Sephora's nearby to go play in.  I finally gave in to my girly urges and ordered some things from them online.  I love the way they come in a bag together, it's a neat gimmick that I like!  The samples are a great idea too.  

Tarte Inside-Out Vitamin Lip Gloss 0.2oz @ $21.00
I wanted to try a new lipgloss because all of the colored ones that I have are horrificly sticky and if they aren't sticky they do not sty on for long.  This one however, manages to combine my love for lipgloss with all the needs of a chapstick.  The color (apple a day) was scary looking in the tube but looks perfectly on and doesn't go anywhere.  It also has NO STICKYNESS!  YAY!  I love this gloss.  

O-Glow 0.5oz @ $26
I haven't decided what I think of this yet.  I can say this much, a little bit goes a LONG way.  Once applied lightly enough, it does resemble a slight flush but if you aren't careful it still will look like you played with your Mom's makeup.  At first I had BRIGHT pink cheeks that I doubt is natural to anyone!  I think once I get the hang of it, I will like it a lot.