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Corey [userpic]
Bath Whore has MOVED!
by Corey (coreyann)
at March 31st, 2007 (04:06 pm)

As much as I am an LJ junkie for my personal blog, I've decided to move my blog to a more poster friendly site.  LJ requires signing in and so forth and I've decided I'd like a bit more freedom so off to Blogger/BlogSpot go!

Please change your links/favorite whatever to:




Corey [userpic]
Village Naturals Therapy
by Corey (coreyann)
at March 31st, 2007 (01:45 pm)

I've been wanting to go up to Beechwood to hit the Sephora there all week after my trip to the one in NYC but after the rash of rapes at the mall, my fiance' put his foot firmly down against that.  He just didn't understand though!  I really really needed a bath experience.  Not just the usual Bath & Body Works stuff and go but something completely decadent and soothing or SOMETHING.  But no, for some reason he values my body or something.  Phaw.  ;)

I ended up that night at Wally World aka Wal Mart.  I'm not a typical Wal Mart shopper but when I'm bored, and chained to the city that's where I end up.  A friend of mine needed to go so I figured, why not and went.  There I found the newest bath obsession and CHEAP to boot!

The price on these babies will vary by store, our Wal Mart had them for $3.59 each I believe.  I like layering so I bought the cold & sinus in both the bath and salts.  I got home and used them immediately and fell in love.  The only downside I found was the cooling effect on your 'nether regions but that could be because I used a GENEROUS portion.  LOL.  It did work WONDERS on my sniffly nose due to allergies I must confess and I'm already one that's obsessed with anything along these scents (eucalyptus mainly) anyways.  I highly suggest browsing the local Wally World and/or drugstore and giving these guys a whiff!  There are also other scents not on their webpage, I also bought one for Allergy & Congestion that has my other favorite comination: ginger and lemon as well and I haven't tried it yet but the scent is DIVINE!  For a quick fix (or high) I think these are marvelous and you can't beat the price!

Corey [userpic]
More LUSH Reviews
by Corey (coreyann)
at March 28th, 2007 (07:58 pm)

I am rounding out the rest of the reviews from my last LUSH trip in New Orleans.  I am finally out of LUSH goodies so I shall be doing a reorder.  So far, out of all the bombs, the staples that I seem to be sticking by are Big Blue and Butterball.  They are opening a store in Cleveland soon and I couldn't be more excited.  YAY a LUSH within driving distance!  There aren't any in the state at this time.

When I was in Sephora I made a mental note of a few things to buy and I am highly looking forward to getting the Philosphy 3 in 1's.  I smelled them in the store and was nearly weeping that I could not take it home with me that day.  The Apple and Lemonade smelled divine.  I plan on ordering some soon or going to the store and just buying it myself.  Look for an update on those soon.

LUSH Blue Skies Bubble Bar 7 oz. @ $9.95
I did this bubble bar in two doses because the bar is HUGE.  I liked the scent and this had an okay bubble forth but I do not know if I would go so far as to say that this bar had BUBBLES.  So far, very dissapointed in this whole bubble bar thing at LUSH.  It has a decent scent, not quite the candy scent I am prone to lean towards but still a nice scent.  Personally, I'd rather take my $10 and buy a couple bombs that I know will work rather than buy this bar again.

LUSH Chelsea Garden Bath Bomb 6.3 oz @ $5.50
This was a raving hit with me.  Be preparted for lilac water and LOTS of flowers.  It felt quite decadent to be laying in this water which had a silky factor on top of the beautiful floral (but not overpowering) scent and many petals floating around.  MAKE SURE you collect all the gunk before it dries.  I still have some purple spots on my tub.  Oops.  I would definately get this bomb again.

LUSH Still Life Bath Bomb 6.3 oz. @ $5.30
Once again, I found another bomb I like and not one that was a bomb!  A bright, refreshing lemony smell that is a great pick me up!  The cheerful sunflower pieces and petals are a fantastic touch that complement the entire sunny feel to this bomb.  I will buy this again and use on the days I either need a bit of sun (I live in Ohio, you won't understand that unless you do) or want to continue the cheery feeling through to my bath.  

Corey [userpic]
I have been to the Holy Grail
by Corey (coreyann)
at March 27th, 2007 (10:09 am)

I went to NYC this past weekend in hopes of finding shoes for my wedding.  Sadly, I never did get to go shop for the shoes but I did make it to the store I've been dreaming of, Sephora.  They now have a store right in Times Square!  I had to shop light because I was heading to a play shortly afterwards and I couldn't get back to my car again without risking another surcharge so I mentall filed away the bigger items that I wanted that wouldn't fit in my bag.  

I ended up with the following:

LORAC Coverup in C2 (light) 0.15 oz @ $16
I am about done with my favorite coverup that has been long discontinued (it's Maybelline and shush).  My prime reason for hitting Sephora was to get a *good* concealer.  The staff was not at ALL helpful - wanting to gossip amoung themselves and scoffed when I asked for help so I set upon trying to find one that was good and ended up with this one.  We shall see what the end result is as I've only tested it so far and have not put it into use yet.  We'll see.  Here is hoping this isn't a flop!

Givenchy Pop Gloss in Hip Hop Red @ $22.50
My next mission in the store was to find a fantastic lip gloss.  I am still enamoured with my "Tarte" gloss but a girl can NEVER have enough gloss in my book and this was the perfect place to find one!  I must admit, I do not have any red in my vast makeup collection.  Red always just looks BAD on me.  Either too bright, too vampy or too SOMETHING.  This is the first red that I can wear without mixing in another color.  I LOVE this gloss, it's slick and shiny and doesn't have the stick factor.  A definite winner in my book.  The only downfall is that it doesn't stay on terribly long.  

Vera Wang For Men 1.7 oz @ $45
I told my fiance that I'd bring him something "cool" from NYC.  I got him a sweatshirt hoodie (he lives in them) and what else would perfectly complement the sweatshirt than a fantastic smelling cologne?  I sniffed my way around the men's section (without the pesky salesladies like you have at Macy's) and finally selected this scent.  It's woodsy without being too musky or overpowering.  Glad to report that he loves it!  Score!

Photo Finish Foundation Primer
Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer 0.93 oz @ $36
I hadn't tested this product by the time I'd made my last post so I wanted to include it with this one since it was purchased at Sephora as well.  I absolutely LOVE this stuff.  A little bit goes a long way but it really does help smooth the small imperfections prior to putting on foundation.  It is a bit expensive but totally worth it and I think that it will last a long time since I do not use it all that often.  Since I have crap skin, it's a lifesaver for those moments that you want to look your best and that pesky zit decided to pop out and say HI today of all days.

Update on the O-Glow
I have now firmly decided that I do, in fact, LOVE the O-Glow.  Many beauty bloggers out there seem to hate it but I like it - when  used SPARINGLY.  I put a small amount on the apples of my cheeks and then use my blush as normal.  It helps bring out my cheekbones and puts some staying power to my blush.  When used WITH another blush it's great but I don't think I would use this solo unless I'm not going for the full made up look.

Corey [userpic]
My First Shop at Sephora
by Corey (coreyann)
at March 2nd, 2007 (05:20 pm)

Living in Ohio - rural-ish Ohio - there is no Sephora's nearby to go play in.  I finally gave in to my girly urges and ordered some things from them online.  I love the way they come in a bag together, it's a neat gimmick that I like!  The samples are a great idea too.  

Tarte Inside-Out Vitamin Lip Gloss 0.2oz @ $21.00
I wanted to try a new lipgloss because all of the colored ones that I have are horrificly sticky and if they aren't sticky they do not sty on for long.  This one however, manages to combine my love for lipgloss with all the needs of a chapstick.  The color (apple a day) was scary looking in the tube but looks perfectly on and doesn't go anywhere.  It also has NO STICKYNESS!  YAY!  I love this gloss.  

O-Glow 0.5oz @ $26
I haven't decided what I think of this yet.  I can say this much, a little bit goes a LONG way.  Once applied lightly enough, it does resemble a slight flush but if you aren't careful it still will look like you played with your Mom's makeup.  At first I had BRIGHT pink cheeks that I doubt is natural to anyone!  I think once I get the hang of it, I will like it a lot. 

Corey [userpic]
Another trip to LUSH!
by Corey (coreyann)
at February 27th, 2007 (09:05 pm)

I was recently in New Orleans for Mardi Gras and drug my unspsecting fiance over to LUSH to get some new goodies.  I was really eyeing up the new face masks, but due to the fact it has to be kept in a fridge I couldn't get it (hello flight home) and at that time we were still in a war with Wyndham for the minibar key.  Needless to say, I think he's still recovering for what I spend on a single bath experience.  $5+ a pop isn't cheap for these - especially in the male 5 minute shower mindset.  *sigh*

I did leave with some goodies, one tried and true (big blue) and the others were new to me.  

Here's my thoughts on what I've tried thus far - more to be added as I try them.

Tea & Sympathy Bath Bomb 6.3 oz @ $5.30
I loved this bath bomb but it doesn't have a lot of "pow" so if that's what you are looking for, go elsewhere with this one.  In the middle is a hidden surprise which I did like - a tea bag.  I didn't think the scent was all that strong and the water wasn't exceptionally softer but it was an OK experience.  I don't know that I'd get it again though.

MMM (Melting Marshmellow Moments) Bath Melt 3.5 oz @ $7.75
I tossed this one in the night I bought everything.  It's a fun experience but I'm not sure I think it's worth the $7.75 for it.  I'm not a prude when it comes to lovely bath experiences for money but I need to feel, well fulfilled.  It was okay... the smell was good... but I don't know.  Could have been all those hurricanes too.  ;)

Corey [userpic]
Sabon NYC's Mud Face Mask
by Corey (coreyann)
at January 20th, 2007 (11:56 am)

A friend recently called me and asked if I had a reccomendation for a good face mask and boy do I.  I've never been big on face masks - they never seemed to do squat for me.  This one however, is fantastic.  I've noticed a great improvement in my complexion... well when I can stay away from the blackhead remover tool that I've hidden from myself.  Don't use those, they make it worse - trust me.  So here's what I told her to get... and if anyone wants to try it, I highly reccomend it to you as well.

Deep Sea Mud Mask - 200 grams @ $30.00 (currently on sale for $24.00)
This mud mask is amazing.  Put it on and leave it for about 15 minutes and you'll be feeling the effects soon enough.  I am one of those that love the tightening feeling that you get when the mask is working and this one is one that does it.  As the mud dries, it also sucks out the toxins in your skin.  Don't believe me?  You will when you see it before you wash off the mask.  The thing that sold me on this mask is that I have acne prone skin (I touch my face entirely too much, and as I said above, I got a blackhead remover tool that I found out did NOT work).  In the places where there were blemishes, the mud actually turns WHITE.  That is a good sign that it is working IMHO.  In a quick fix, I've also put spots of this mask on overnight when I've felt a blemish coming on and it's gone by morning (even if my fiance is as well, ha ha).  This mask is THE mask!! 

Corey [userpic]
Drug Store Bath Fix
by Corey (coreyann)
at December 18th, 2006 (11:52 pm)

All girls that are bath whores have been there.  You are craving a luxurious bath but you just used up the last of your favorite bath product during the last crisis.  You don't want/need/have the funds to go to the mall to replenish the loved product but you need that bath almost as bad as you need your chapstick available at all times (well I do anyways).  What's a girl to do?  Below are my favorite products that are easy on the wallet and available at most grocery stores and/or drug stores!  

  Vaseline Intensive Care Moisturizing Bath Beads - 15oz @ $1.89 (varies by store)
I discovered this little lovely one day when I was low on funds but in desprate need of a treat.  My personal favorite scent was the Rose scent but it appears they have discontinued it.  The Gentle Breeze scent (pictured) is not bad at all, much like an ocean breeze, but I still have the love for the Rose scent.  This product will foam slightly and leave your body silky smooth.  Also makes shaving that much more of a breeze!  For the price you really can not go wrong.  

  Vaseline Foaming Creme Bath - 8.5 fl oz @ $2.79 (varies by store)
HERE is the real sweet deal... couple this product with the above Bath Beads for an AMAZING bath for dirt cheap!  Sure, there are other great baths to be found, but for the price you will be hard to beat this!  This product adds bubbling goodness to the bath above and adds even more moisturizer.  I gotta have my bubbles!  The only small downfall is the bath can be quite slippery when you are finished so make sure to rinse!  Otherwise, enjoy!  I can't express how amazed I was at how wonderful this combo worked out!   Again this can be found in most drug stores but the scents sometimes are hard to match depending on what is in stock.  

  Aveeno Stress Relief Foaming Bath - 10 fl oz @ $5.99 (varies by store)
I do not know why, but I adore almost all Stress Relief scents and products and this one is a definite hit.  The scent doesn't last exceptionally long though and it could be a bit more silky but if you need to unwind, this coupled with your favorite wine could be a definite winner!

  Mr. Bubble Bath - 16 fl oz @ $3.49 (varies by store)
I don't wanna grow up, I'm a Toys R Us kid, there's a million toys at Toys R Us that I can play with!   For when the kid in you needs to be let out, or for when you just need some nostalgia in your life, why not pick up a bottle of Mr. Bubble?  It's fun, it's bubbly and it will bring back memories of when bathtime was fun - oh wait it still is!  We've just traded in rubber ducks and Barbie dolls for flat screen tv's and BMW's.  Want the PERFECT bath before a fun night out with the girls?  Who better to put you into the mood that Mr. Bubble?  Seriously, you can't loose by starting the night with him... and he always is the same!   You don't have to worry about mind games with this guy!  

  Generic/Store Brand Bubble Bath - 32 fl oz @ $1.00 + 
I am not listing Drugstore.com's price on this product because all of the stores around me charge around $1 to $2 for their store brand Bubble Baths (or Bath Milk) not $3.49!  Yowza!  Anyways, this is almost an un-reccomendation but I had to list it.  They are good when you literally ONLY have $1 to spend.  I've done it, I'll admit, I've been that broke in my life but refused to give up my simplest pleasure of baths.  They are OK.  However I've found that although they LOOK milky and divine, rarely are they that.  The only ones I've found that come close to bubbling AND leaving skin feeling anything but what it was before entering the bath are the vanilla/honey "Dry Skin Formula" baths.  By all means, try it or pick it up for a reserve for when you are feeling especially lazy and are out of your standard faire.  Beware though, some store brands are just NOT made equal.  Sometimes you are really paying for branding but other times, such as this, you really are getting a lesser product.  ***NOTE***  I did notice on my last trip to Walgreen's that they had store brand versions of Vaseline's Intensive Care items I listed above, they may be superior to the typical generic bubble bath, I intend on reviewing soon.

  Neutrogena Body Oil - 8.5 fl oz @ $6.69 (varies by store)
Add a few caps of this to the bath for a super silky experience... be mindful of the fact that your tub will now become SUPER slippery so take care getting out and make sure to rinse!  This is a great product to have on hand as it is but I most love it for the bath.  It's divine :)  

I haven't reviewed everything but these are the products that came to mind first! 

Corey [userpic]
Got a Cold?
by Corey (coreyann)
at December 3rd, 2006 (10:05 pm)

It's almost winter and this week Old Man Winter started (finally) knocking on the doors here in Ohio.  It's cold, it's blustery and now it's officially cold season.  This is about the time that I bust out every euclyptus and mentol scented item I have and use it everywhere to help keep the sinuses clear.  The following are a few things I use when bathing/showering that I tried when I've had a cold or just craved that mentolly feeling in my nose!

Shower Soothers - 7 tablets @ $9.39
Last year I tried these when I got a killer head cold and I thought this was the greatest idea, EVER.  However the actual event did not quite live up to my expectations.  It worked-ish but not nearly as well as I would have thought and that ooooo feeling really just did not stick worth a lick.  I mean at ALL.  Seriously.  Not good.  Rating - D.

Euclyptus Spearmint Shampoo  - 18.5 oz @ $10.00 
This shampoo (and conditioner) are FANTASTIC to use when you need a pick me up - and even better when you have a cold.  The shampoo is a nice clean shampoo but it did make my hair a bit poofy but it was really soft.  It all depends on hair type (I have extremely thick hair) and preference.  The scent is really great and will clear out your sinuses in no time!  I don't know that I would reccomend using it on a permanent basis though.  Rating - B+

**no image available** Euclyptus Essential Oil - .25 oz @ $8.00
This is the best trick, ever, that I have found thanks to Akkura the owner of Aroma Sanctum in Salem, MA.  I HIGHLY reccomend all to visit her if ever in Salem, you'll be glad you did!  Anyways she reccomended to my friend with a cold that she take this essential oil and place a few drops in the tub before turning on the shower.  When heated up, it makes a mist of euclyptus that will get up into your sinuses.  It works like a CHARM!  If you get a bit sniffly later in the day, either put some on a kleenex and breathe it in or throw some in a sink and hit it with some hot water and breathe in the vapors.  It's awesome stuff and for the price you can't beat it! 

Corey [userpic]
Bathtub Caddy from Bed, Bath & Beyond
by Corey (coreyann)
at December 2nd, 2006 (12:22 am)

Part of why I am such a bath whore is due to my love of reading.  When I outgrew Barbie (or at least put her on hold until I have a viable excuse to play with them again, a.k.a. have kids) I started reading in the bathtub to pass the time and relax and I've never given up the habit.  However baths are not especially kind to books, especially when they fall in the tub.  I cannot begin to guess how many baths have ruined a good book.  Do you  have any idea how frusterating it is to be at the climax of a story to have it literally sink to the depths of the tub?  The wait for the pages to dry out is far too long, even with a hair dryer.  On a recent trip to Bed, Bath & Beyond, I saw this little gadget and realized the answer to my book sinking dilemma was before my eyes!!  A bath is not complete without some essential accessories and this is one of them!

Bathtub Caddy - $29.99 USD
This was the first and only caddy I spied and I decided that I MUST have it.  Elementally, it is a functional tool and does the job pretty well however there are a few glitches that take away from the total marvel that it could be.  The pros: wine holder (love wine and am not a snob enough to care what the heat of the water does to the wine), candle holder (taper holder can be taken off so it can hold a votive), telescoping coated ends (so no matter what the tub, it fits), a page holder in the front to keep the book open to your spot and finally the baskets for the goodies that always seem to fall off the sides of your tub.  The cons: arms that hold the wine/candle holder don't stick well and move easily when bumped, book holder backing warps easily and the page holder itself doesn't hold pages on most paperback books worth a lick and FORGET trying to put a small or thin book in the holder without some creative thinking.  All in all, it was an ok purchase.  It assists most of the time with MOST of my books but there are some - mostly paperbacks - that you may as well just not even use the book holder for, then again most tub caddys do not even have the front holder for the pages so its better than nothing!  Rating - B.

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