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Bath Whore

Find out what bubbles pop and what ones fizzle!

A community for bath and beauty lovers
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I must confess, I am a total and complete Bath Whore. Yes, I realize the name makes no sense, but I am totally and completely addicted to baths, much like prostitutes are to sex. Therefore, I proclaimed myself as a bath whore. Hell to me would be living in an apartment with only a shower stall and no bath. Bathtime to me is my time to relax, unwind and forget about the pesky problems that creep up during the day. Anything in my little world, can be solved with a long, relaxing bath.

Now I know there are plenty of bath blogs on the net but a lot of the ones I find have ads plastered all over them and I couldn't help but wonder if they are at all influenced by these ads on their blogs that aren't there for free. Also, most of these said bloggers live in NYC. As much as I am jealous, the real girl can't just skip to a Sephora or jump in a cab and hit Neiman's. I'm a small town girl from Ohio that has to rely on advice from friends and relations before splurging on that $500 bottle of gunk because I can't just go try it myself in many cases.

Will anyone find their way here? I hope so. I hope that I give a good review of my thoughts and so forth on all products. If nothing else, it's another place that could pop up on Google when you're looking to see if an item is a good or bad buy. Hopefully I can help someone float on to their perfect bath match and have their own Pretty Woman ending with their ideal tub.

Happy Bathing!