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Corey [userpic]
Home Manicure by Sabon NYC
by Corey (coreyann)
at December 1st, 2006 (11:37 pm)

A recent trip to Boston led me to Newbury Street and a friend, knowing my love for bath stuffs, all but shoved me through the door to this heaven of which I never knew before.  Upon entering the store, which I cannot rave enough about, the employees were all too eager to show us why Sabon NYC is THE place for bath whores.  The 4 of us gathered around the sink in the store and the employee informed us that we were going to get manicures.  The first product we were introduced to was the Body Scrub.  We were given our choice of scent and scrubbed up for a few minutes and then rinsed the product off.  My reaction?  Holy CRAP!  My hands have NEVER been so soft before and my friends felt the same (keep in mind there was a man in our group whom was just as excited with the result as we girls were).  We assumed this was the end of our treatment because, quite frankly, how could our hands get ANY softer?  They could... after a follow up dose of lotion!!   Today I want to share these AMAZING products with you.  They'd make GREAT *nudge nudge* Christmas gifts for that hard-to-shop-for person.  Keep in mind, men love it too - seriously.  I have given my boyfriend's friends manicures and they loved it too!

Lavender Apple Body Scrub - 500 ml @ $30.00 USD.
This amazingly fabulous product is also available in Patchouli Vanilla Lavender, Tropic, Vanilla Coconut and Lemon Mint.  I chose the Lavender Apple because it was an unusual combination and I just adored it but to be honest, each scent was divine.  I think the next choice of mine would be Tropic which reminded me of a pina colada, however everyone in our "party" tried a different scent and to be honest, as long as you like the element you should like the scent.  It isn't a heavy scent either, you are left with a light hint of whatever you use.

The functionality of this scrub is amazing.  You can use it as a hand scrub, foot scrub or you can use it on your entire body for a divine treat for yourself.  2 scoops is all you need for the entire body so as you can imagine, this jar will last you for a long time.  The base of each scrub is salt, not sugar as most scrubs are based on today.  I highly reccomend the wooden scoop that's available for purchase for an additional $1 to dispense and stir the scrub as the salt and oil tend to seperate when not in use.  After use, you'll notice that whatever body part you scrubbed will be softer than you can ever remember but not greasy as is so common with the sugar counterparts.  That was what sold me on this product was the lack of greasy residue that is left no matter how many rinses you do.   

Finally the packaging just cannot be beat when it comes to Sabon NYC, it comes in a glass jar.  I don't know why, but I find items, especially bath products, that come in glass jars to be elegant and a throw back to times that were more simple.  I know that glass items may not be ideal for households with little ones or tile but I love it. Rating - A+.

Carrot Body Lotion - 200 ml @ $23.00 USD
In the store, the employee used the Carrot Body Lotion on all of us, however all scents are available.  The Carrot is the only lotion that has Vitamin E in it though and that led to me purchase it instead of the complimentary lotion to the scrub.  The Carrot has virtually no scent to it which makes it work with all Body Scrubs.  It's a VERY light lotion but packs the punch of a heavier lotion without the fuss.  I don't know why the website doesn't list the Vitamin E with the scent though but I am 98% positive that is what the employee told me.  I like it and everyone that has tried it thus far has also had great things to say about it.  If you are looking for a light, non-greasy moisurizer this is it... and the vitamin E is VERY good for the health of your skin which is a great bonus.  Rating - A.

Corey [userpic]
Bath Bombs by Lush Cosmetics
by Corey (coreyann)
at December 1st, 2006 (09:35 pm)

Two years ago, a friend of mine from Boston gave me a belated birthday gift of a Lush bath bomb.  I had tried bath bombs - or "bath fizzies" as I called them - in years prior but nothing could quite prepare me for the Lush experience.  The bath bomb that was given to me was a Mr. Butterball, the holiday version of their bath bomb Butterball which is a top seller.  I immediately fell in love when not only did Mr. Butterball last for a lot longer than the previous Fizzies I tried, but it also had an amazing sent and the bath water was left feeling simply sinful.  Much to my dismay, at the time Lush was not available online due to the nature of the product and there were none anywhere close to my hometown.  

In two years a lot can change and now Lush is not only available online, they are also available to order through Amazon.com as a partner.  They still carry warnings with some delicate prodcuts warning you that during the warm and humid months, some items may melt prior to arrival but now I don't have to bribe my friends to send me some bath crack either.

Below is my reviews on the bath bombs from Lush that I have tried thus far!  I will add to this list as I work my way through my pile of bomby goodness. 

TIP: For bombs that include goodies inside that you would rather not bathe with, tie them up in an old nylon (lord knows we have enough that have a runner or two) to catch the goodies but let everything else through.

Big Blue - 6.3 oz. @ $4.95 USD
If you  like the ocean, Big Blue may be just right for you.  Upon dropping this bomb in the water, I immediately was taken back to the beach complete with seaweed between my toes.  That was a little much for me but luckily the seaweed sunk rather quickly and what didn't sink, stopped up the overflow value so in my book, that is a perk.  Besides the seaweed though, the bomb has an amazing ocean scent that cannot be described, only experienced.  It is a salty, lemoney ocean if that makes any sense at all.  The water turns a deep mystic blue and feels silky between your toes.  The color didn't stain the tub which is also another big perk in my book.  Rating - A.

Blackberry - 6.3 oz @ $4.85 USD
Blackberry is not what the name would convey, there is no berry about this bomb, nonetheless it is divine.  Not quite the silkiness that the other bombs have, but wow, the scent is awesome.  It is a very claming scent, highly reccomend this for bedtime bathing.  The website states that it is a frankincense and bergamot blend but for some reason it spoke to me of a lavendar base.  Could also be due to the wonderful violet hues that the water turns once this baby gets going.  The only odd part to the bomb is the "boom boom" tag that is found when the bomb is all gone.  I tried it on my skin to see if it was like a Cracker Jack surprise and was a tattoo but it wasn't, darn.  Whatever it is, it does make you laugh and the scent will stick with you for HOURS!  YUM!  Rating - B+.

Mr. Butterball - 2.4 oz @ $4.35 USD
Mr. Butterball is a cute Christmas Cousin to Butterball.  This is the first experience I've ever had with Lush and I must say, he sold me hook, line and sinker.  I love vanilla, quite frankly there are few scents I seem to dislike but this one make you feel like you were taking a bath in buttercream icing - complete with the soft water.  I know, it sounds crazy but its true, well if water can be classified as soft anyways.  He fizzed for quite a while despite his small size and I was quite sorry when he was gone.  Keep in mind this guy is only available at the Christmas Season!  Rating - A.

Sakura - 6.3 oz @ $4.95 USD
Sakura was a BIG dissapointment to me.  It could be that it lost something during the shipment, it could be a bad batch (which does happen I am told) but this bath bomb rather left me fizzled.  No smell that I could pick out and no silky or anything water - not even a fun color!  The only thing this bomb had going for it to keep it from being a total bomb was that it fizzled for a long time... leaving me to keep picking it up hoping to get a surprise or a scent orrr.. SOMETHING.  It never happend.  Rating - D.

Sex Bomb - 6.3 oz @ $4.95 USD
The Sex Bomb seems to be the top rated bomb from Lush, and for good reason.  The first thing that happens when this delectable bomb meets the water is the fizzle... and then the rice paper flower blooms... just like a woman coming into her own.  The scent hits you next which is almost illicit in its intoxicating smell, taking your mind to places not for public viewing.  The one and only downfall to this naughty and wonderful sin is the hot pink velvety water has a tendency to stain some tubs so make sure you have some cleaner ready - oh and make sure that your man of the hour is on standby, you won't want to be lonely after this!  FYI: Remove paper flower before running off with loverboy/girl otherwise the mess is quite icky!  Rating - A.

Corey [userpic]
by Corey (coreyann)
at December 1st, 2006 (09:03 pm)

I must confess, I am a total and complete Bath Whore.  Yes, I realize the name makes no sense, but I am totally and completely addicted to baths, much like prostitutes are to sex.  Therefore, I proclaimed myself as a bath whore.  Hell to me would be living in an apartment with only a shower stall and no bath.  Bathtime to me is my time to relax, unwind and forget about the pesky problems that creep up during the day.  Anything in my little world, can be solved with a long, relaxing bath.

Now I know there are plenty of bath blogs on the net but a lot of the ones I find have ads plastered all over them and I couldn't help but wonder if they are at all influenced by these ads on their blogs that aren't there for free.  Also, most of these said bloggers live in NYC.  As much as I am jealous, the real girl can't just skip to a Sephora or jump in a cab and hit Neiman's.  I'm a small town girl from Ohio that has to rely on advice from friends and relations before splurging on that $500 bottle of gunk because I can't just go try it myself in many cases.  

Will anyone find their way here?  I hope so.  I hope that I give a good review of my thoughts and so forth on all products.  If nothing else, it's another place that could pop up on Google when you're looking to see if an item is a good or bad buy.  Hopefully I can help someone float on to their perfect bath match and have their own Pretty Woman ending with their ideal tub.

Happy Bathing!

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