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More LUSH Reviews
by Corey (coreyann)
at March 28th, 2007 (07:58 pm)

I am rounding out the rest of the reviews from my last LUSH trip in New Orleans.  I am finally out of LUSH goodies so I shall be doing a reorder.  So far, out of all the bombs, the staples that I seem to be sticking by are Big Blue and Butterball.  They are opening a store in Cleveland soon and I couldn't be more excited.  YAY a LUSH within driving distance!  There aren't any in the state at this time.

When I was in Sephora I made a mental note of a few things to buy and I am highly looking forward to getting the Philosphy 3 in 1's.  I smelled them in the store and was nearly weeping that I could not take it home with me that day.  The Apple and Lemonade smelled divine.  I plan on ordering some soon or going to the store and just buying it myself.  Look for an update on those soon.

LUSH Blue Skies Bubble Bar 7 oz. @ $9.95
I did this bubble bar in two doses because the bar is HUGE.  I liked the scent and this had an okay bubble forth but I do not know if I would go so far as to say that this bar had BUBBLES.  So far, very dissapointed in this whole bubble bar thing at LUSH.  It has a decent scent, not quite the candy scent I am prone to lean towards but still a nice scent.  Personally, I'd rather take my $10 and buy a couple bombs that I know will work rather than buy this bar again.

LUSH Chelsea Garden Bath Bomb 6.3 oz @ $5.50
This was a raving hit with me.  Be preparted for lilac water and LOTS of flowers.  It felt quite decadent to be laying in this water which had a silky factor on top of the beautiful floral (but not overpowering) scent and many petals floating around.  MAKE SURE you collect all the gunk before it dries.  I still have some purple spots on my tub.  Oops.  I would definately get this bomb again.

LUSH Still Life Bath Bomb 6.3 oz. @ $5.30
Once again, I found another bomb I like and not one that was a bomb!  A bright, refreshing lemony smell that is a great pick me up!  The cheerful sunflower pieces and petals are a fantastic touch that complement the entire sunny feel to this bomb.  I will buy this again and use on the days I either need a bit of sun (I live in Ohio, you won't understand that unless you do) or want to continue the cheery feeling through to my bath.