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Drug Store Bath Fix
by Corey (coreyann)
at December 18th, 2006 (11:52 pm)

All girls that are bath whores have been there.  You are craving a luxurious bath but you just used up the last of your favorite bath product during the last crisis.  You don't want/need/have the funds to go to the mall to replenish the loved product but you need that bath almost as bad as you need your chapstick available at all times (well I do anyways).  What's a girl to do?  Below are my favorite products that are easy on the wallet and available at most grocery stores and/or drug stores!  

  Vaseline Intensive Care Moisturizing Bath Beads - 15oz @ $1.89 (varies by store)
I discovered this little lovely one day when I was low on funds but in desprate need of a treat.  My personal favorite scent was the Rose scent but it appears they have discontinued it.  The Gentle Breeze scent (pictured) is not bad at all, much like an ocean breeze, but I still have the love for the Rose scent.  This product will foam slightly and leave your body silky smooth.  Also makes shaving that much more of a breeze!  For the price you really can not go wrong.  

  Vaseline Foaming Creme Bath - 8.5 fl oz @ $2.79 (varies by store)
HERE is the real sweet deal... couple this product with the above Bath Beads for an AMAZING bath for dirt cheap!  Sure, there are other great baths to be found, but for the price you will be hard to beat this!  This product adds bubbling goodness to the bath above and adds even more moisturizer.  I gotta have my bubbles!  The only small downfall is the bath can be quite slippery when you are finished so make sure to rinse!  Otherwise, enjoy!  I can't express how amazed I was at how wonderful this combo worked out!   Again this can be found in most drug stores but the scents sometimes are hard to match depending on what is in stock.  

  Aveeno Stress Relief Foaming Bath - 10 fl oz @ $5.99 (varies by store)
I do not know why, but I adore almost all Stress Relief scents and products and this one is a definite hit.  The scent doesn't last exceptionally long though and it could be a bit more silky but if you need to unwind, this coupled with your favorite wine could be a definite winner!

  Mr. Bubble Bath - 16 fl oz @ $3.49 (varies by store)
I don't wanna grow up, I'm a Toys R Us kid, there's a million toys at Toys R Us that I can play with!   For when the kid in you needs to be let out, or for when you just need some nostalgia in your life, why not pick up a bottle of Mr. Bubble?  It's fun, it's bubbly and it will bring back memories of when bathtime was fun - oh wait it still is!  We've just traded in rubber ducks and Barbie dolls for flat screen tv's and BMW's.  Want the PERFECT bath before a fun night out with the girls?  Who better to put you into the mood that Mr. Bubble?  Seriously, you can't loose by starting the night with him... and he always is the same!   You don't have to worry about mind games with this guy!  

  Generic/Store Brand Bubble Bath - 32 fl oz @ $1.00 + 
I am not listing Drugstore.com's price on this product because all of the stores around me charge around $1 to $2 for their store brand Bubble Baths (or Bath Milk) not $3.49!  Yowza!  Anyways, this is almost an un-reccomendation but I had to list it.  They are good when you literally ONLY have $1 to spend.  I've done it, I'll admit, I've been that broke in my life but refused to give up my simplest pleasure of baths.  They are OK.  However I've found that although they LOOK milky and divine, rarely are they that.  The only ones I've found that come close to bubbling AND leaving skin feeling anything but what it was before entering the bath are the vanilla/honey "Dry Skin Formula" baths.  By all means, try it or pick it up for a reserve for when you are feeling especially lazy and are out of your standard faire.  Beware though, some store brands are just NOT made equal.  Sometimes you are really paying for branding but other times, such as this, you really are getting a lesser product.  ***NOTE***  I did notice on my last trip to Walgreen's that they had store brand versions of Vaseline's Intensive Care items I listed above, they may be superior to the typical generic bubble bath, I intend on reviewing soon.

  Neutrogena Body Oil - 8.5 fl oz @ $6.69 (varies by store)
Add a few caps of this to the bath for a super silky experience... be mindful of the fact that your tub will now become SUPER slippery so take care getting out and make sure to rinse!  This is a great product to have on hand as it is but I most love it for the bath.  It's divine :)  

I haven't reviewed everything but these are the products that came to mind first!